About MiDee Dance Costume Creates

MiDee is a brand factory specializing in the production and design of dance clothing, established in 2012.

During this period, we provide hundreds of new styles of dance costumes, training dance costumes, accessories, dance shoes and tights for many excellent dancers, dance groups, dance schools, dance studios and dance supplier brands around the world. These clothes are innovative, inspired and developed.

When you buy midee, you buy the quality and personalized customer service of the top professional fashion design and manufacturing suppliers in the dance field.

In addition to the field of Dance Costume, in the past two years, we have begun to develop other production fields, such as YOGA Wear and Swimsuits

Respect Dance, Love Dance, Uphold the Original Intention of Dance, and make dance dreams come true. We know that when you dress confidently, you will dance confidently.

The customization of midee costume creates any style and theme for your dream costume. From practice to performance, our dance costume are designed to help you complete every step, and you inspire our design Our dedicated designer team will listen to your suggestions and provide fashionable and affordable solutions to create a fashionable, comfortable and unique dance wardrobe for you.

Made with love
The design and production of each dance costume pour our love into it. We hope that we can be cherished because we have a heart to heart connection with the dancers.
We consider the diversity of body shape in our design, and usually make a detailed division of sizes, from children's xsc to adults' XLA. There is always a size that can perfectly show your body.
Whether it's an eternal piece, complex printing, hand-made three-dimensional flowers and hand-made rhinestones, dynamic tassels, shiny sequins, there is always a style that can make every dancer exude charming charm from inside to outside.
We believe that every dancer should get complete and high cost-effective dance costumes - get ready to fall in love with midee! Let's make every piece of dance clothes carefully for you to become a glittering stage king and world champion.

Welcome to contact with us for any order, any ODM customization service.



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